Need Volunteers? This is the place to start!

Hands On Greater Portland works in partnership with hundreds of community-based nonprofit agencies to provide volunteers with a variety of meaningful opportunities for service and leadership.

Are you an active Nonprofit Partner looking for more information about our new website? Visit our For Current Partners page for technology updates, as well as info on logging in, submitting and managing opportunities, and more.

Learn about Nonprofit Partner benefits 

Hands On Nonprofit Partners have a variety of resources at their fingertips, including:

Ability to connect with volunteers online
- Whether you're looking for a group of volunteers to tackle a one-time project, event volunteers to support you annually or individual volunteers interested in committing to an on-going shift or skill-based project, we can help! As a partner you'll be able to post volunteer opportunities to our searchable online opportunity database, which hundreds of local volunteers visit every week.

Support in managing "done-in-a-day" volunteer projects
- Let us do all the work! If you have a need that can be met by bringing in volunteers for a one-time, group-based, direct-service project, we're available to help develop the project, manage volunteer sign-ups, send confirmation and reminder emails to volunteers and track hours for those who attend. We'll also place one of our awesome Hands On trained Volunteer Leaders on the project to help support you and the volunteers.

Opportunity to work with corporate volunteers
- Our BusinessCares program develops "done-in-a-day" volunteer projects for our corporate partners. This is a great way to introduce service-oriented companies from the Greater Portland area to your organization.

Access to additional resources and best practices
- We strive to connect our Nonprofit Partners with valuable resources to strengthen their volunteer programs, while supporting them in addressing critical needs in the Greater Portland community. As a partner, you'll have access to resources such as: volunteer recruitment tips, information on networking opportunities and professional memberships, templates/samples documents, and more.

Become a Nonprofit Partner

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are currently updating our partnership procedures and are in the process of developing a nonprofit partnership application process. Please check back with us after March 15th when we plan to have new procedures in place.

If you have questions, you can call 503-200-3362 or email us.

In order to provide our partners and volunteers with the best customer service possible, we're unable to post ongoing volunteer opportunities for organizations that have not completed the partnership process.

Also, we now have a feature that allows both our Partners and other nonprofits to easily post one-time volunteer needs through our Daily Bulletin BoardIf you are only looking for volunteers for an event more than 30 days out, you can submit these opportunities through this form.

Below is a brief list of online resources for you to use if you have a volunteer opportunity that requires posting before the partnership process has been completed:

View our current Nonprofit Partners

See which organizations actively partner with us through our Nonprofit Partner Directory.