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Health & Wellness, Civic & Community

Families;Low-income Communities;Other;Immigrants, Refugees or Ethnic Groups;LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgender)


Age Minimum (with Adult) - 18, Minimum Age - 18+, Business: Communication/PR;Education & Children Support;Volunteering Management Verified Volunteers Level:

Teach Violence Prevention and Holistic Self-defense Classes (age 18+) Referral

Strength Programs

Want to keep our communities safe?
Become a violence prevention/holistic self-defense instructor for GirlStrength, or WomenStrength!

Learn more about these programs:

Training Dates: 
February 2- March 22,  2017
Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6:00pm -10:00 pm
Saturdays, 9am -5 pm  

April 5,  
(Justice Center). Volunteers are honored by city officials and the Portland Police Bureau.  

What it looks like!
New Volunteer training is consists of Evidence-based theory on topics related to interpersonal violence:  understanding privilege and equity; the history or rape  in our culture; the impact of trauma; prevention of sexual assault; domestic and intimate partner violence; child abuse; bullying behaviors, gang involvement; and sexual exploitation.

Physical skills and curriculum training includes teaching and learning strategies, classroom management, working with children with special needs as well as physical and non physical self-defense skills. The training is open to any person who identifies as a women. We encourage women of all ages and backgrounds to apply. Candidates are required to attend all sessions in order to meet the standards to become full-time instructors.

The Strength programs are offered through the Family Services Division of the Portland Police Bureau. GirlStrength  teaches classes in schools and community centers. The curriculua is designed to meet the learning needs of girls  ages 10-14. WomenStrength has a 35 year history of teaching personal safety workshops to men and women and free self-defense classes to women of all ages and backgrounds.

This is a great opportunity to give back to the community and be part of the Portland Police Bureau. Many of our  instructors have volunteered for over five years! Many have moved into new positions and careers as a result of their participation in these programs. 

Opportunity Requirements: 

  • Volunteers must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this opportunity
  • Opportunity involves extensive training

Help women and girls keep themselves safe! Click on "Express Interest" below if you are interested in helping out!

**This is a Referral Opportunity, which means it is run directly by one of our nonprofit partners. Once you express interest, someone from the partner organization should follow up with you shortly to discuss confirming you as a volunteer for this opportunity.

**Please note, your hours may not be recorded in your Hands On Greater Portland account since this is a partner-managed opportunity.


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