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Learn. Serve. Connect. 

TeamWorks teams are designed to engage us in learning more about issues through the lens of volunteerism. Each TeamWorks team brings together 10-12 volunteers to explore a specific issue area or neighborhood via service-learning and experiential education. Team members commit to working together on a series of projects and learning sessions over the course of 3-6 weeks, during which they get to know one another, gain a deeper understanding of community issues, and make a positive impact along the way.

A TeamWorks team often begins with a kickoff meeting, where team members get to know each other, followed by 3-6 volunteer projects (typically one project per week). Most TeamWorks teams also incorporate facilitated discussions, readings, guest speakers, and other experiential learning activities into the schedule to incorporate an educational component.

The TeamWorks season runs typically from February through October each year, with 8-10 teams starting at various times throughout the season.

TeamWorks takes you deeper...

  • Build relationships with other volunteers by working together as a team

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing our community or neighborhood

  • Learn new ways to become a more active member of our community

  • Develop leadership skills -- Many TeamWorks alumni are inspired to lead a team themselves after their initial TeamWorks experience.

Join a team!

TeamWorks: Nancy Drew and The Secrets Of Hidden Portland (age 18+)

March - April 2017

 ** Interested in growing your leadership skills? Every year, we look to cultivate new Team Leaders to lead or co-lead our TeamWorks teams. Email if you're interested in learning more.


Sampling of Past TeamWorks:

      • Quotes from Past Team Members:

        "I have been on three TeamWorks teams so far. I now feel very in-touch with the issues that are facing our community. I have also developed some friendships with the people I've met. For me, TeamWorks is about volunteering on issues that are important to the team, and being able to discuss the impact our work has made on us and on the community."

        ~ TeamWorks Volunteer and Team Leader

        "My Team Leader had a genuine volunteer spirit himself and was great to work with. The team worked very well together, showed great pride in what we were doing and gave more than 100% to every project."

        ~ TeamWorks Volunteer

        "I got to discover some really cool places to get involved that I didn't know about even after having lived in Portland for years."

        ~ TeamWorks Volunteer

        "I am a huge fan of the team dynamic. I loved being able to go to projects with people who signed up because they cared about the specific topic."

        ~ TeamWorks Volunteer

        "Our team has learned about current issues facing our community and about a variety of organizations that work to increase awareness and help to solve the problems that cause the issues in the first place. The projects we have completed have given us the opportunity to establish new friendships while sorting food at the Oregon Food Bank and weeding local community gardens."

        ~ TeamWorks Volunteer

        "[The Sustainability TeamWorks] has been educational, diverse, well-rounded and well-organized. [The team leaders were] both educated and passionate about what they do, but not enough to be blindsided by rhetoric. It was refreshing. This has been a wonderful experience and one I'd willingly repeat.

        ~ TeamWorks Volunteer