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DIY! Tasty Treats for Dogs

Our Do It Yourself volunteer projects have been developed to give individuals, families, and groups of all sizes the opportunity to engage in community service anytime and anyplace. You can work on the project on your own time wherever you would like.

Dogs enjoy fresh treats just like everyone else and the 5,000 or so dogs that The Oregon Humane Society (OHS) saves every year are no exception. This project is a fun way to help out OHS on your own time, and can be a great individual, collaborative, or family activity. 

Click here for the recipes for making the treats along with the address and instructions for dropping off finished biscuits. You may even be able to feed the dogs when you drop them off, but you'll want to check in with them first. 

Due to COVID-19 OHS is asking that people freeze the treats and bring them in to donate at a later date

To learn more about The Oregon Humane Society, visit  - please CLICK HERE to see more projects you can do and ways to help OHS right now.

Please note that due to the unsupervised nature of our DIY projects we are unable to verify service hours.

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