Invest In Our Region’s Kids 

At United Way of the Columbia-Willamette, we’re working hard to create a future where kids in our region are free from instability and worry so they can be free to play and discover, free to learn and grow.  
Free from poverty so they are free to reach their potential. 
Right now, 20% of kids in the Portland region are living in poverty.

That’s 1 in 5 kids who live in homes where their caregivers must choose between:
Rent OR Groceries
Heat OR Healthcare
New Clothes OR TriMet fare

We won’t accept this.  

Together, we can make our region a better place for everyone. 

With your support, Hands On Greater Portland and United Way of the Columbia-Willamette will continue to accomplish a lot for kids, families and communities: 

  • More kindergarteners will show up prepared for school.  

  • Kids who need help the most will stay in school and graduate on-time.  

  • Families will meet their own basic needs so their kids can focus in school.  

  • We’ll keep connecting 1000s of volunteers to things that matter in our region. 

Volunteering is a great way to make a difference for kids and families living in poverty. Our more than 11,000 volunteers provide critical labor, skills and resources to our community, enabling nonprofits to build their capacity, focus on their missions and have a bigger impact on the community.  

Want to put your time and talent toward investing in our region’s kids? Volunteer with one of our United for Impact nonprofit partners that is working for kids and families in our region to help kindergartners show up to school prepared, help kids who need it most stay in school and graduate, help families meet basic needs so kids can focus in school and other important support services for families. 

These strategies work when our community is UNITED behind them. Thank you for supporting our region’s kids 

Together, we are UNITED FOR IMPACT. 

Click here and find a volunteer project to help invest in our region’s kids so they can be free from poverty so they can be free to reach their potential.