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What are Volunteer Leader responsibilities? 

The main responsibilities include:

1. EMAIL: Hands On Leaders send a reminder email to volunteers before each project to encourage attendance and interest in the project.

2. CREATE COMMUNITY: Our Leaders are the facilitators and in person welcome wagon of our Hands On volunteers to our projects. Leaders have volunteers sign our sign in sheet and collect any needed waivers from youth.

3. VERIFY ATTENDANCE: Leaders verify attendance after each project.

4. RECRUIT: Leaders are our best champions and invite family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, classmates, etc. to our projects. 

Are there fun perks? 

  • Volunteer Leader swag!

  • A chance to deepen your commitment to a social issue

  • An opportunity to develop new group facilitation skills

  • A special Volunteer Leader T-Shirt!

  • A space to hone the leadership skills you already have

  • Fun perks like Danner boots/adidas, tickets to local sport events, and appreciation events!

  • The ability to help other volunteers address community needs

  • Happy hours and Leader community experiences!


To receive the application form for this program contact us at 503.226.3355,

or by email at to get the conversation started!



Current Hands On projects looking for a Leader:

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