Organization Profile

Green Lents supports community-led projects that align with our mission to provide volunteer, education, and leadership opportunities in and around Lents. These opportunities build local resilience and promote environmental stewardship to benefit plants, animals, and people. Our projects are listed below. Community Tool Library - a free service for residents of East Portland. The Community Tool Library (CTL) functions like a book library, except you check out tools or other project materials instead of books Malden Court Community Orhcard - an open and publicly accessible food forest with goals of education, building community, increase food accessibility, and watershed health Pollinator Habitats - transforming underutilized lots into pollinator-friendly habitats and bioswales for purposes of education and watershed health. Livable Lents - a community-wide survey and pledge action to connect the community members of Lents to their neighbors, local organizations, small businesses, and city and state bureaus, all in the name of creating a more Livable Lents

Families, People with Health-based Concerns
Portland, OR, 97266