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Organization Profile

The mission of Trash for Peace is to provide hands-on, creative experiences to encourage resilient communities. We have two main programs, the first, our Sustainability Education Program, or SEP, is a site-based, weekly, after-school program that offers hands-on, sustainability education to residents living in low-income housing sites. We are currently partnered with 7 low-income housing sites that are part of Home Forward, located mostly in East Multnomah County. At these sites we also host monthly community nights and regular listening sessions in collaboration with Home Forward Resident Services Coordinators and Property Management staff, to engage more adult residents and provide resources and information that relate to sustainability that are identified to be of interest by the residents themselves. Examples of community nights that we have hosted in the past have focused on "Recycling Tips," "Green Cleaning," "Food Waste Prevention," and "Clothing Waste Reduction." Our second main program is to provide hands-on, sustainability activities to schools on a request basis. Some examples are building recycle bins out of plastic bottles and making bottle cap stamps.

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