DIY! Projects - Serve anytime, anywhere

Great for in the home, the classroom or anywhere else you might want to serve the community!

Our Do It Yourself volunteer projects have been developed to give individuals, families, and groups of all sizes the opportunity to engage in community service anytime and anyplace.

Just express interest like you would for any other Hands On project and we will email you a "recipe” for a service project that will include instructions, materials list and information about the mission of the non-profit organization you will be serving. You can work on the project on your own time wherever you would like.

Check out the DIY Projects below.

Love Letters
Create greeting cards on your own time to be given to seniors and homebound individuals who receive food through Meals On Wheels centers and Lift Urban Portland.

Toys for Cats
Create a small catnip mouse toy that will make their stay at Cat Adoption Team happy and fun.

Tasty Treats for Dogs
Bake and donate tasty treats to make dog stays at the Oregon Humane Society a little bit nicer.