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Comcast Cares Day 2013

Dates: 4/27/2013 - 4/27/2013

The Event date and time you are looking for is no longer available.

Comcast Cares Day is an opportunity to engage both Comcast employees and the greater public in volunteerism, while celebrating the amazing impact we have on our community when we all work together.

Join us for a fun-filled and high impact Saturday of service! 
And don't forget to invite your friends and family to join you in making a difference. You may even win an iPad mini!
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Find a project in your neighborhood:

Beaverton & Hillsboro

9:00am Bink-A-Thon: Make Blankets for Children! (age 5+)
9:00am Bink-A-Thon: Sewing Machine Blanket Brigade! (age 12+)
9:00am Restore Granada Park (age 10+)
9:00am Beautify Waiting Room at Virginia Garcia (age 15+)
10:00am Beaverton's Giving Gardens (age 10+)


8:00am Horticulture at Oregon Zoo (age 12+)
8:30am Help Extend Critical Habitat around Tryon Creek (age 13+)
8:30am Plant Trees & Stamp Out Ivy at Paget Creek (age 10+)
8:30am Mainatin Native Medicinal Garden at Tryon Creek (all ages)
8:30am Help Deek Creek Neighbors Swap Ivy for Natives (age 10+)
8:30am Save Trees and Stamp Out Ivy (age 10+)
9:00am Revitalize Open Meadow School (age 18+)
9:00am Help Students Fight Hunger at Albina Cooperative Garden (age 10+)
9:00am Keep the Portland Memory Garden Beautiful (age 0+)
9:00am Help Organize at Animal Aid! (age 12+)
9:00am Wildside Wetland Planting & Invasive Removal (age 10+)
9:00am Marquam Nature Park Restoration Work Party (age 6+)
9:30pm Books for Kids: Schoolhouse Supplies (age 14+)
10:00am Spruce Up the Springwater Corridor (age 8+)
10:00am Get Out & Garden at Gabriel Community Garden! (age 10+)
11:00am Get Organized at SMYRC! (age 12+)

Tigard, Tualatin & Oregon City

8:00am Kids! Spruce Up Tualatin Library (age 6+)
9:00am Put Down Roots in Tualatin (age 5+)
9:00am Love Letters for Heroes in Oregon City (age 8+)
9:00am Spruce Up Supa Fresh Youth Farm (all ages)
10:30am Tigard Library Pitch-in Party (age 8+)


9:00am Get Organized at Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store (age 16+)
10:00am Organize for Animals at the ReTails Store (age 12+)


Win an iPad mini!
Rally your friends, family, and coworkers to join you for Comcast Cares Day... and you might win an iPad mini! All team captains who recruit four or more team members to volunteer with them on a Cares Day project will be automatically entered to win.

**IMPORTANT** Be sure that yourself and all team members sign in on the day of the project; volunteers must sign up AND show up/participate on the project to qualify. Questions? Contact us.

1. Log in to your volunteer account at www.handsonportland.org.
2. Create a team.
3. Find a Comcast Cares Day project by clicking the links above.
4. Click on "Sign Up with a Team" on the project description page.
Note: You're responsible for ensuring that everyone signed up through your team attends - only sign up team members who have confirmed their availability.
5. Volunteer and make a difference!