Special Event Details

2020 United Way MLK Weekend of Service

Dates: 1/17/2020 - 1/20/2020


Join your friends and neighbors in honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by volunteering over MLK Weekend!

For the thirteenth year in a row, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette and Hands On Greater Portland are teaming up to make it easy for you to take action across Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Clark Counties and make a difference through volunteer service.

NOTE: In the spirit of creating an atmosphere where people from all parts of our community are coming together to volunteer, Team Captains are only able to reserve up to 50% of the spots on any individual MLK Weekend of Service Project.

Friday, January 17th

9:00am Hands Dirty, Hearts Filled! Day Center Spruce Up (age 5+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
1:00pm Clothing Sorting Party with Dress For Success (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
6:15pm Games, Snacks, & Friendship (age 18+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

8:00am Support Beaverton HS Student Success Week (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

8:00am Help Highland Park with Table Assembly & Moving (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
9:00am Vose Elementary Outdoor Beautification (ages 5+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

8:30 am Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

2:30 pm Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

Saturday, January 18th

8:45am Plant Neighborhood Trees in SE Portland (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* 

9:00am Help the Red Cross Install Free Smoke Alarms (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
9:00am Sorting for Kids: Schoolhouse Supplies (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:00am Restore Terwilliger Blvd Forest (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
9:00am Buckman Community Garden Party (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​
9:00am Forest Park Tree Planting (age 5+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:30am Keep the Portland Memory Garden Beautiful (age 15+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Albina Coop Gardening and Farming Day (age 10+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​
10:00am Tree Planting at Kelly Butte Park! (age 0+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

10:00am Wake up our Dog Walking Path at OHS (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Knock N Talks w/Your Neighbors (age 19+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
11:00am Help The Portland ReStore Look Better Than Ever! (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

1:00pm Eco Crew at Tryon Creek (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​
1:30pm Socialize with Cats & Dogs (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
4:15pm Saturday Hospitality at Operation Nightwatch in SE (age 18+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​

6:15pm Games, Snacks, & Friendship (age 18+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL

9:30 am Bink-A-Thon Prep Day (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

Kids! Spruce Up Tualatin Library (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL


8:30 am Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
2:30 pm Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

Sunday, January 19th

9:00am Q Center Spruce Up Day (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:30am Celebrate Dr. King through Children's Literacy (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Knock N Talks w/Your Neighbors (age 19+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
2:00pm Potluck in the Park Meal Service (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
2:00pm Potluck in the Park Dessert Service (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

3:00pm Potluck in the Park Recycling and Clean Up Crew (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL

1:00pm Spruce up the Shute Park Library (age 11+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL 

Monday, January 20th

9:00am SnowCap Community Garden Clean-up! (all ages) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
9:00am Fresh Food Sorting and Repacking at OFB (Portland) (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
9:50am Sort our Donations & Pantry! (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

10:00am Join SOLVE to clean up MLK Blvd! (all ages) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Native Gathering Garden Cleanup (age 0+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Empowered on Powell Butte (all ages) *MLK Weekend 2020*
10:00am Weatherize Homes with the Community Energy Project (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

10:00am Socialize with Cats & Dogs (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Garden Clean Up Day at Gilbert Park (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
10:30am Day of SerVOZ (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
12:00pm Sorting for Kids: Schoolhouse Supplies (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
12:00pm Love the Library Day @ Sitton (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
1:00pm Stock the Cupboard: Oregon Food Bank (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL
1:00pm Cook Meals & Tidy Up for Homeless Youth at p:ear (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
 Clean Up and Green Up Portland Audubon (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL
6:00pm Serve a Meal and Play Bingo at Jean's Place (age 18+) *MLK Weekend* FULL

8:00am Kelso’s Wheel: Playground Painting at Elmonica ES (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
9:00am Restore the Natural Areas of Fir Grove Park (age 10+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:00am Bink-A-Thon 2020! (age 4+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
1:00pm Perishable Repack at Oregon Food Bank Beaverton (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

10:00am Westlake Oak Woodland Habitat Enhancement (age 4+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL

2:00pm Pitch-in at Tigard Library! (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:00am Improve Blandford Canyon by Removing Invasive Ivy (age 10+) *MLK Weekend 2020*