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2020 United Way MLK Weekend of Service

Dates: 1/17/2020 - 1/20/2020

The Event date and time you are looking for is no longer available.


Join your friends and neighbors in honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by volunteering over MLK Weekend!

For the thirteenth year in a row, United Way of the Columbia-Willamette and Hands On Greater Portland are teaming up to make it easy for you to take action across Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Clark Counties and make a difference through volunteer service.

NOTE: In the spirit of creating an atmosphere where people from all parts of our community are coming together to volunteer, Team Captains are only able to reserve up to 50% of the spots on any individual MLK Weekend of Service Project.

Friday, January 17th

9:00am Hands Dirty, Hearts Filled! Day Center Spruce Up (age 5+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
1:00pm Clothing Sorting Party with Dress For Success (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
6:15pm Games, Snacks, & Friendship (age 18+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

8:00am Support Beaverton HS Student Success Week (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

8:00am Help Highland Park with Table Assembly & Moving (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
9:00am Vose Elementary Outdoor Beautification (ages 5+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

8:30 am Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

2:30 pm Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

Saturday, January 18th

8:45am Plant Neighborhood Trees in SE Portland (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* 

9:00am Help the Red Cross Install Free Smoke Alarms (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
9:00am Sorting for Kids: Schoolhouse Supplies (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:00am Restore Terwilliger Blvd Forest (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
9:00am Buckman Community Garden Party (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​
9:00am Forest Park Tree Planting (age 5+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:30am Keep the Portland Memory Garden Beautiful (age 15+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Albina Coop Gardening and Farming Day (age 10+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​
10:00am Tree Planting at Kelly Butte Park! (age 0+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

10:00am Wake up our Dog Walking Path at OHS (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Knock N Talks w/Your Neighbors (age 19+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
11:00am Help The Portland ReStore Look Better Than Ever! (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

1:00pm Eco Crew at Tryon Creek (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​
1:30pm Socialize with Cats & Dogs (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
4:15pm Saturday Hospitality at Operation Nightwatch in SE (age 18+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​

6:15pm Games, Snacks, & Friendship (age 18+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL

9:30 am Bink-A-Thon Prep Day (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

Kids! Spruce Up Tualatin Library (age 8+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL


8:30 am Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
2:30 pm Help with the Fort Vancouver Book Sale (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

Sunday, January 19th

9:00am Q Center Spruce Up Day (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:30am Celebrate Dr. King through Children's Literacy (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Knock N Talks w/Your Neighbors (age 19+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
2:00pm Potluck in the Park Meal Service (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
2:00pm Potluck in the Park Dessert Service (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

3:00pm Potluck in the Park Recycling and Clean Up Crew (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL

1:00pm Spruce up the Shute Park Library (age 11+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL 

Monday, January 20th

9:00am SnowCap Community Garden Clean-up! (all ages) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
9:00am Fresh Food Sorting and Repacking at OFB (Portland) (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
9:50am Sort our Donations & Pantry! (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

10:00am Join SOLVE to clean up MLK Blvd! (all ages) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Native Gathering Garden Cleanup (age 0+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Empowered on Powell Butte (all ages) *MLK Weekend 2020*
10:00am Weatherize Homes with the Community Energy Project (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

10:00am Socialize with Cats & Dogs (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
10:00am Garden Clean Up Day at Gilbert Park (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
10:30am Day of SerVOZ (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
12:00pm Sorting for Kids: Schoolhouse Supplies (age 14+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
12:00pm Love the Library Day @ Sitton (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
1:00pm Stock the Cupboard: Oregon Food Bank (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL
1:00pm Cook Meals & Tidy Up for Homeless Youth at p:ear (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
 Clean Up and Green Up Portland Audubon (age 12+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL
6:00pm Serve a Meal and Play Bingo at Jean's Place (age 18+) *MLK Weekend* FULL

8:00am Kelso’s Wheel: Playground Painting at Elmonica ES (age 16+) *MLK Weekend 2020*
9:00am Restore the Natural Areas of Fir Grove Park (age 10+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:00am Bink-A-Thon 2020! (age 4+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL
1:00pm Perishable Repack at Oregon Food Bank Beaverton (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

10:00am Westlake Oak Woodland Habitat Enhancement (age 4+) *MLK Weekend 2020*​ FULL

2:00pm Pitch-in at Tigard Library! (age 6+) *MLK Weekend 2020* FULL

9:00am Improve Blandford Canyon by Removing Invasive Ivy (age 10+) *MLK Weekend 2020*

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